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Assistive Technology Evaluations


What is an assistive technology evaluation?

Children with disabilities participate in an assistive technology evaluation  to determine which technology tools and services will help a child access the curriculum and succeed in school.  Assistive technology evaluations, by definition, focus on tools and methods that will allow the student to access curriculum. An assistive technology evaluation includes:

  • A review of the student’s educational history as provided by parents, teachers, therapists and school district personnel
  • An individualized evaluation by an educator/assistive technology specialist.   This most often occurs at CATIES at The College of New Jersey but can be scheduled at the child’s school under unique circumstances.
  • A written report with recommendations for assistive technology implementation. The report provides specific product information in order to assist the school district, agency or parent in implementing recommendations expeditiously.

Assistive technology evaluations may be recommended or requested by:

  • Educational administrators
  • Child Study Team personnel
  • P-12 teachers
  • Case managers
  • Physical therapists, occupational therapists & speech language pathologists
  • Parents of students with disabilities
  • Individuals with disabilities

Some sample outcomes for an assistive technology evaluation include identifying:

  • software to support a student’s IEP goals.
  • specific technology tools to support a student’s reading & writing.
  • technology-based strategies to accommodate a student who is a poor reader in the content areas.
  • a reliable method of gaining access to computers and the Internet for students with physical/sensory disabilities.

What information is needed to schedule an assistive technology evaluation?

An evaluation is an involved process that requires review of a student’s background. In order to maximize the benefits of an evaluation, CATIES requests that those individuals who frequently interact with the student complete intake forms. These forms provide valuable information to assist the evaluator in making appropriate and useful recommendations. Any other documentation or information that can help provide the evaluator with information about the student and curriculum is welcome.  These other documents often include a copy of the IEP,  relevant sample copies of student work,  evaluations or documentation from professionals working with the student and not listed below. After talking to a CATIES staff member, please download and complete the appropriate forms:

    1. Special Education Teacher Form*
    2. Parent/Guardian Information Form*
    3. General Education Teacher form
    4. Speech Language Pathologist Form
    5. Occupational Therapist Form
    6. Physical Therapist Form

* required

Where do evaluations take place?

Most evaluations are conducted at the student’s school. The can also be conducted at CATIES on the campus of The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. Location will be determined on an individual basis.


For more information on scheduling an evaluation, contact a CATIES staff member at or  609-771-3016.  We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns before you begin the official request process.

 To schedule an evaluation, please complete the request form by clicking here: [fancy-button link=”″]AT EVALUATION INITIAL REQUEST FORM [/fancy-button]