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NJ College Loan Program

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The Adaptive Technology Equipment Loan program was established to assist colleges in their efforts to make higher education accessible to students with disabilities.  The hardware, software and assistive technology devices available through the loan program serve as “reasonable accommodations” under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How has the loan program changed?

Although funded for over 20 years by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, the Adaptive Technology Center lost its state funding on July 1, 2010 when funding for the entire Special Needs program was eliminated.  Despite this loss of funding, the demand for the equipment loan program remained high.  To meet this need, the Center has restructured and been given the green light by the Commission on Higher Education to loan hardware and software for an annual fee. Colleges can choose a membership level that meets their particular needs. For the cost of purchasing one piece of specialized software, colleges can borrow multiple items to meet the needs of several students without being concerned about maintenance, storage or upgrades.

How do colleges join the program?

Colleges can choose a membership level that meets their particular needs (see below).  To join the program, a college must complete a membership form.  Colleges are also required to complete a college lending agreement detailing the terms of equipment loans. To request an equipment loan, the Disability Support Office must contact the Adaptive Technology Center to discuss appropriate items and determine if the item(s) requested is in our inventory.  Students must complete a student lending agreement that details the terms of the loans and confirms the request being made.

What does the membership include ?

Colleges need to choose from one of the following options:

Number of loans
Hardware and Software
Software Only
1-5 $1500 $900
6-10 $2500 $1500
11 or more $3500 $2100


Annual Membership includes:

  • Installation support & technical assistance by phone or email
  • Assistive technology evaluations at discounted rate
  • AccessText tutorial at discounted rate
  • Priority for alternate format services

What items are available?

We have a variety of equipment and software available. A sample list includes:

  • Pulse pens
  • Braille notetakers
  • CCTVs
  • FM systems
  • WYNN and Kurzweil
  • JAWS
  • ZoomText
  • Duxbury

How does a student request items?

A student is required to identify to their college’s Disabilities Support Office and provide required documentation to their Disabilities Support Office.  The Adaptive Technology Center will work with the student and the Disabilities Support Office to determine the assistive technology that will meet the student’s needs.  Students are also asked to complete a student lending form detailing the terms of equipment loans.

Lending Forms